sustainable fashion

We use 100% linen for our resort wear. It is made from flax plant fibres which is biodegradable. Linen is more durable, breathable and absorbent. Great at keeping the kids cool during the summer time.

Our swim range is made from a sustainable fabric called ECONYL®. It is a high end recyclable nylon fabric made from waste products such as discarded fishing nets. The use of this fabric means we are supporting "Healthy Seas" by reducing the tons of abandoned fish nets at the bottom of the sea.

Our swim wear packaging is made from cassava starch and other renewable resources. It is biodegradable and contains no petrochemicals. 

We use hero mailer packaging ( to ship all of the products around the globe. This packaging is made out of biodegradable materials, mainly corn starch and cassava roots. It is 100% home compostable meaning the packaging breaks down and there is no waste.

Sustainable swimwearPhoto by Souza Sergio on Unsplash